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We can also offer you the possibility of extending your Limited Warranty on all products to 5 years, simply by registering your purchase with a registered dealer on our website.

Upon registration of the product and through the fifth year of the warranty, we will arrange for repairs of any defects in materials or production, including all structural defects such as handles, hinges and locks.

However, the following conditions are not covered by the warranty:

  • any damage caused by usage that is not related to defects in materials or production will not be covered by the warranty.
  • Damage caused by airlines, airport transit or airport services are not covered by the warranty.For damage caused during airport transit, claims should be submitted to the carrier.
  • Other damages that are not covered by the warranty include improper use of the product, any purely aesthetic claims (such as scratches or fabric stains) and accidental or indirect damage such loss of luggage contents or anything not directly due to the damage caused.


Please keep your receipt and/or warranty card which has been stamped and dated by the retailer. They will be required to confirm your warranty coverage, and will also demonstrate that the purchase was made with an authorized FPM dealer. Our five years warranty is valid only for products purchased from an authorized FPM dealer.


Under warranty , you can apply for repair to FPM dealer or FPM authorized repair center. You can bring the product to nearest dealer or service center. Send an email, stating the reasons of the damage, and please provide images of the defective product with a scan of the proof of purchase. FPM will examines the damage and will inform you on how to proceed. If a replacement product should not be available, FPM will commit to provide a product of equal value and function

If the warranty is not valid or is not applicable to the defective product, FPM will send you a cost estimate for any repairs and shipping as quickly as possible.




  • 使用過程中造成的任何損壞。
  • 由航空公司、機場中轉運輸或是機場服務造成的損壞也不在保固的範圍內。在產品託運後發現損壞時,我們建議您立即向航空公司或者運輸公司請求理賠。
  • 其他損傷如不當使用、外觀受損(如:刮傷或布料髒汙等)、附帶或間接損失如因損壞造成的行李箱內容物或任何東西的遺失,都不在保固的範圍內。保固僅限於產品本身的價值。